• Dragon's Blood or Sangre de Grado 
Sangre de Grado                              Botanical name :Croton lechleri

Dragon's Blood or Sangre de Grado 
Sangre de Grado    Botanical name :Croton lechleri




Dragon's Blood or 
Sangre de Grado                             

Botanical name :Croton lechleri

 • 100% natural undiluted sap/latex of Croton Lechleri, sustainable, and wildcrafted from the Amazon region of Peru by the Matsés tribe. Part of the proceeds from our sales go to help the Matsés people.

• Ancient and effective treatment for numerous skin conditions, including acne.

• Excellent relief for diarrhea and gastrointestinal issues.

• Safe for use externally and internally with no harmful side effects. 

Parts Used: Sap/Latex

 Uses ;

Astringent, Tonic, Anti-tumor, Gum problems, 

Wounds, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Ant-inflammatory, 

Hemorrhage, Piles, Skin problems, Mouth and/or Throat problems, Ulcers in Digestive system, Digestive discomfort, 

Diarrhea, Stomach pains & problems, 

Persistent Dermatomycosis,

Eczema, Fungus, Psoriasis, Cancer, 
Poison Ivy, Skin Burns, 



Dragon’s Blood (Sangre de Grado) is a liquid natural tree resin harvested by igenous tribes of South America  for thousands of years to relieve various skin and gastrointestinal complaints. This safe, wildcrafted resin is sustainably extracted from the bark of the Croton lechleri tree in South America.


The first written data about it's usage and property as wounds healing remedy was recorded by Spanish explorer and "student of nature" Bernabe Cole (Born in  Spain, 1582; died in Peru, 1657). 

In 1991 to 1995 during epidemic of cholera in South America, some ethno-botanical/ ethno-medicinal researchers from Shaman Pharmaceutical Inc.- (San Francisco based pharmaceutical company, specializing in research of tropical plants for medicinal purposes), have noticed how shamans were using Sangre de Drago sap for diarrhea, and that lead to extensive study in the areas of the plant's chemistry, that resulted in three products: ProvirTM - an oral product for the treatment of diarrhea, Virend® - a topical antiviral for the treatment of herpes, and Nikkomycin Z - an oral anti-fungal product.


There are over one hundred products, made by pharmaceutical companies and sold in the drug stores around the world, with primary components plant derived.

South Americans use the sap on wounds to stop bleeding, on burned skin to create kind of "skin layer" to stop infection and pain, and to speed up healing process. Sangre de Grado accelerates healing and is used for generations to seal and protect external and internal injury from infection. It is also very powerful remedy to treat skin touched by poison ivy .

Latex/Sap of Dragon's Blood has been used in oncological therapy, it has been used to heal ulcers (throat, gastric, duodenal, etc), tumors, etc.

Taspine is the alkaloid compound present in Sangre de Drago.

The Dragon's Blood we offer is the top quality:
Latex/Sap liquid     taspine 2,5 - 4%


Dragon’s Blood is amazing for skin health! Its powerful antibacterial, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties speed healing of small wounds, cuts, scratches and scars, while helping to regenerate skin tissue.

For acne sufferers, this natural remedy can help prevent breakouts, as well as promote faster healing when breakouts do occur. Simply apply a few drops of Dragon’s Blood to the affected area 2-3 times a day, leave on skin for about 30 minutes, then wash with water.

Dragon’s Blood can even help prevent premature skin aging! The natural regenerative effects of this ancient remedy help strengthen collagen fibers, thus delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

Other uses for Dragon’s Blood:

When taken internally, it helps relieve gastritis, diarrhea, ulcers and abdominal pain. It can also be used as a mouthwash and oral antiseptic to help treat infections, bleeding gums, gingivitis and canker sores.

10 to 15 drops of Sangre de Grado with a small amount (1-2 tablespoons) of water or juice (cranberry or grape) three times a day between meal (1 hour before or after).

External: Few drops of pure sap apply onto affected skin area, and let it dry (carefully, it leaves a stain on a cloth).

Few drops of Sangre De Drago mixed with Cat's Claw tea makes very powerful antiseptically - vaginal bath (yeast infection, fungus, etc). 



   Prepare the Cat's Claw/Una de Gato tea as suggested (see Tea preparation below👇🏼)

   15 drops of Sangre de Grado, 2 carrots grated and juiced and 30 ml of Cat's Claw/Una de Gato tea and drink in the a.m. daily until hypertension under control.


  Take 120 ml of Cat's Claw/Una de Gato tea daily with 5 drops of Sangre de Grado daily for 8 days then repeat x1.  The Sangre de Drado helps to heal the blood vessels and the Una de Gato takes away the inflammation.

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