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• 100% pure therapeutic grade with no fillers, additives, bases or
carriers, and is USDA-certified organic and steam-distilled for maximum quality.
• 100% vegan, cruelty-free, involved no animal testing, no harmful
chemicals, and are made with 100% natural ingredients.
• 10ml bottle with a dropper inside

This oil can be mixed and matched, and dispersed with fragrance diffusers, oil burners or
vaporizers for maximum effectiveness.
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Name: Frankincense, Boswellia canteris/thurifera/sacra/serrate

Origin: France


Mystic, ancient healing properties, pleasing and comforting to the emotions with a timeless sense of power and fortitude


About Frankincense Essential Oil: An unrivalled precious oil, possessing a fascinating and rich historical tapestry. Envelop yourself in its ambient healing qualities when in prayer and meditation, or needing spiritual nurturing in times of depression or anxiety. Try it if your immune system needs a boost or you want to give your skin a new lease of life!


Description of Aroma: This haunting, penetrating, incense-like fragrance can be described as balsamic, camphorous, spicy, woody and slightly lemony.


Ruling Planet: Sun


Properties Beneficial To The Mind, Emotions And Spirit: Highly conducive to prayer and meditation, frankincense has a very pronounced soothing, comforting, fortifying and elevating action on the mind and soul/spirit. It also slows and deepens the breathing while relaxing the brain, producing feelings of calm. Its comforting, refreshing action is helpful for anxious or obsessive states of mind, especially those associated with the past - helpful if you tend to dwell on past events and want to break the link with unwanted memories. The antidepressant, stimulating action may assist you to overcome despair and depression, particularly post-natal. Since antiquity frankincense has been used to drive out 'evil spirits'. We might think of these nowadays as obsessions, fears, anxieties etc which may manifest as mental or physical illness.


Of Interest: Originating in the Middle East, where it is deemed the 'Holy anointing oil', frankincense has long been regarded as one of the most highly prized and highly priced substances of the ancient world. It was imported by the Egyptians from the land of Punt nearly 5,000 years ago. Boswellia serrata is the oldest known variety and is probably the one mentioned in the Bible. Boswellia sacra is considered a real 'heart note' in aromatherapy.


Frankincense has been used extensively in religious ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years, and was well-known during the time of Jesus for its anointing and healing powers - indeed it was one of the gifts brought to him by the three kings, along with gold and myrrh - a member of the same plant family. Once considered as valuable as gold and gems, it was also much sought after as a perfume.


This ambient aromatic was used for meditation and burnt in temples on altars by the Egyptians and Hebrews - who spent vast amounts importing it from the Phoenicians - a use which probably dates back further than written records, and still continues in church rites today. The Egyptians also added it to their rejuvenating unguents, potions and masks, and mixed it with cinnamon to relieve aching limbs. (It is uncertain if they used it for embalming, as sources vary.) Traditionally it has been burnt to fumigate the sick and drive out the evil spirits causing their illness, as well as to mask the smell of sacrificed animals during religious rituals.


During Pagan times it was burnt as an offering to the gods Hermes and Demeter. Arabic doctors used it as a remedy for cancer, and the Chinese employed it to cure T.B. of the lymph glands, and leprosy. Interestingly, the Orientals in Levant - home of the finest tobaccos - chew the resin of frankincense, and even though they smoke, smokers cancer is relatively unknown in the area. In French, frankincense means 'real incense', also franc means luxuriant. Sometimes it is called Olibanum, derived from olium Libanum signifying oil from Lebanon.


This hardy plant can grow in the most extreme desert conditions on the planet. As the gum is primarily in N.E. Africa and S.E. Arabia, supply is prone to being chaotic due to political circumstances that prevail in these countries. Its trade was once one of the main resources of Arabic countries, and its control has provoked many local wars. One of the main producers of frankincense in ancient times was Soba. The queen of Soba made a perilous journey from Somalia to visit King Solomon, just to ensure a flourishing trade of this valuable commodity.


Nowadays frankincense is used in medicine and for creating expensive perfumes and cosmetics - it is a particularly good fixative. It is currently undergoing research and being used therapeutically in European hospitals.


Properties Beneficial To The Physical Body: This oil has a strong anti-inflammatory action and also stimulates the immune system. Considered one of the most valuable oils for respiratory disorders of a serious nature, it has a pronounced effect on the mucous membranes, which is especially useful in clearing the lungs and aiding deep breathing. Also useful for menstrual and reproductive problems, frankincense has a calming action during pregnancy, labour and birth. It settles the stomach and helps urinary tract concerns. It is particularly helpful for pain management as its action numbs the nerve endings and reduces the amount of pain that reaches the brain.


Frankincense is said to smooth wrinkles and give new life to aging skin. Its astringent action certainly makes this oil an effective facial toner, and enables it to balance an oily complexion. It can also help heal wounds, ulcers and disorders causing skin inflammation.


Frankincense Oil Blending Suggestions: The appealing scent of frankincense blends well with almost any oil. You may like to try combining it with camphor, sandalwood, black pepper, basil, galbanum, geranium and grapefruit. Other combinations that work equally as well are lavender, orange, melissa, patchouli and pine.


Alternative Suggestions For Use: Try diffusing frankincense in your place of meditation for an enlightened experience.


Essential Safety Precautions: Generally considered a very safe oil.


Do not use essential oils undiluted or take internally without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The information contained here is for general interest and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment.


Frankincense - Centring, purifying, sedative, uplifting

Frankincense essential oil has an incense-like fragrance which can be described as balsamic, camphorous, spicy, woody and slightly lemony. Its mystic, ancient healing properties are pleasing and comforting to the emotions and can help boost the immune system.


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