• Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab
  • Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab
  • Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab
  • Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab
  • Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab
  • Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab

Himalayan Salt Cooking & Serving Slab

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Spice things up with this Himalayan pink salt plank that will tantalize your tastebuds and dazzle guests.

These slabs are an exciting, fun way of presenting food.
Suggested uses:
Place thinly sliced Carpaccio or Sashimi on the platter and watch as it salt cures at the table
Heat the Salt Brick on the gas hob or in the oven and use it to cook fish, meat and vegetables.
Freeze for two hours and then serve ice cream and other desserts on this cold rock
Use as a serving plate for butter, cheeses and dried meats

Foods with a high moisture content will produce a saltier taste than dry foods.

100% Natural


12" L x 8" W x 1.5" H



Himalayan Salt Crystals


Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank Care Instructions Himalayan Salt Planks are dense and conduct heat efficiently, but slowly. They retain heat and seasons food evenly. Slabs can crack if they are heated or chilled too quickly, as any moisture trapped inside expands.

Please follow the below care instructions to get optimum life from your salt plank. Heating:

1. Salt Planks can be used on a grill, or on the range (gas or electric), or in the freezer.

2. Always keep at least a half-inch distance between flame and plank. Use a diffusing ring on electric ranges.

3. Heat plank in three, 10 to 15 minute stages: room temp to low (0-200), low to medium (200-350), medium to high (350-550). Especially important for first-time use or if stored in high moisture space for long periods with no use.

4. Drizzle cooking oil on slab or over food.

5. Pat vegetables dry before cooking. Wet foods r adding water-based marinades while cooking can absorb too much salt from the plank.

6. Once removed from heat source, plank remains hot for a minimum of 30 minutes, so food will continue to cook if left on plank.

7. Serve and enjoy!


1. Place plank in refrigerator for at least an hour to lower internal temperature slowly.

2. Transfer to freezer for two additional hours when serving foods that require colder temperatures.

3. Try chilling or freezing for: sushi, cheese, sorbet/ice cream, chilled appetizers or desserts


1. It is not recommended to directly rinse the plank with water.

2. Scrape immediately after use. (Be careful, as plank will still be hot)

3. Allow to cool, and then scrub with moist scouring pad or brush.

4. Wipe off with damp cloth – repeat if necessary.

5. Allow to dry for 24 hours before using again.

6. Slat is naturally anti-microbial, so cleaning products or soaps are unnecessary and may cause damage.

7. Store in a dry place


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