• Palo Santo ( Peru)
  • Palo Santo ( Peru)
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Palo Santo ( Peru)



Space clearing with Palo Santo is a simple and powerful modality to bring in uplifting, positive, cleansing and loving energies into your environment. It has been practiced traditionally throughout all cultures of the world. Native Americans used smudging rituals for healing, cleansing one’s aura and space clearing with sage, sweetgrass and cedar. Asian traditions use gongs, bells, and incenses for space clearing. Throughout the Middle East incenses and resins have been used for centuries to cleanse a space and bring in higher energies, such as myrrh, frankincense, and copal. In South America Shamans have used Palo Santo Wood and Incense for healing, clearing, and bringing in positive energy.
There are additional methods and tools for how to do space clearing, such as using essential oils, sea salt, crystals, intention and prayer, Ho’oponopono, and Reiki to name a few. You can follow your intuition and explore different options until you find what works best for you and for the space you are clearing.
There are many times when it is beneficial to do a space clearing, such as when you move into a new office or living space, purchase a new or used car, after having arguments, and when there is illness or depression.
The benefits of space clearing are many, most notably are a sense of uplifting and joy upon entering the space, colors and details appearing brighter and more clear, pleasant aromas, improved mental clarity, focus, motivation, and emotional well being.

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