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The Complete Body Detox 

Currently the most natural detox you can find. Preparing a pink salt sole can help create a true balance between your acidity and alkaline levels within your body.

It helps keep you fresh, hydrated, improves sleep, helps trigger  body weight loss, helps stabilize blood pressure and sugar levels, it helps clean sediments in your body which if left untreated can cause kidney and gallbladder stones, it helps ward off rheumatism due to the high mineral content, it also nourish the body with 84+ Minerals .



- Pour in good quality spring water.

- Let sit for 24 hours 

- The water reached proper salination when salt chunks still remains after a 24 hrs. period.

- Each morning before eating add one teaspoon of sole solution to an 8oz. glass off spring water and enjoy the benefits .

( do not use metal utensils when preparing  sole)

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