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Yoga by the Ocean

Who We Are

Dedicated to Wellbeing

Brighter Living Organics is dedicated to providing only the highest-quality products, therapies and educational retreats designed to enhance your life naturally and raise consciousness.
We carry only premium natural personal care, home and beauty products that are a viable natural alternative for your entire family to promote healthy living without toxic ingredients.
Our authentic, sacred medicine journey and jungle expeditions are thoughtfully created to allow you to experience and learn about sacred Amazonian therapies in the Amazon jungle of Peru. Guided by experienced Masses and Shipibo healers/maestros, we will learn about the different aspects of their culture and traditions, their medicines like Kambó, Sanaga, Nunu, Ayahuasca, as well as the flora and fauna of the incredible rainforest surrounding us. These sessions will also help you to learn humility, reconnect with nature and yourself, and heal, while also giving back to these communities and empowering women.
A portion of the proceeds from these trips is donated to help the Matsés tribe in the Amazon regions as they struggle with the basic human needs that can and will transform lives.
Our donations will help provide eco-friendly water wells to deliver clean and safe drinking water in the Amazon rainforest area of Angamos. These funds will also provide for building eco-composting toilet systems to replace the outdated and dangerous wastfacilities currently in place, as well as building schools and providing education and learning materials to the communities. Read more... (this could link to the “intro” piece for the Retreats section, which describes this more in depth.)
Our mission at Brighter Living Organics is to offer a gentle, yet firm holistic approach in our important healing processes. We provided a multi-faceted, well-balanced approach to reaching our higher selves using the sacred tools of herbalism, meditation, nutrition, metaphysics and Kambó. Read more... (this could also link to the “intro” piece for the Retreats section, which describes this more in depth.) (Another benefit of these links is to take people to the place where they will be able to get all the details & sign up for a Retreat)
Please browse through our products and services and start your journey to better health and brighter living. We are constantly adding to our inventory, so please check back often to see what's new!
We look forward to serving you.
Your team @
Brighter living Organics.

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